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Contracts of Employment Handbook

The Contracts of Employment Handbook provides in-depth coverage of the rules governing the formation of a contract. Giving you information on employment contracts, employer obligations, breach of contract and contract termination.

Working Time 2013 Handbook

IDS Employment Law Handbook: Working Time provides a detailed examination of the scope and coverage of the Working Time Regulations. It gives you a comprehensive analysis of working time law.

Maternity and Parental Rights 2012 Handbook

The Maternity and Parental Rights Handbook report contains detailed findings from an IDS survey completed by over 100 participants on how they manage maternity and paternity leave and pay.

Employment Tribunal Practice and Procedure Handbook

The Employment Tribunal Practice and Procedure Handbook provides detailed, clear and practical guidance to all those involved in employment tribunal cases.

Whistleblowing at Work Handbook

The Whistleblowing at Work handbook provides a comprehensive and up to date account of the law governing ‘whistleblowing’ at work.

Whistleblowing at work

Continuity of Employment Handbook

The IDS Employment Law Continuity of Employment Handbook explains the general principles for determining a period of ‘continuous employment’ and deals with the rules surrounding these for an employee under a contract.