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Company Car Policies 2013/14

IDS Company Car Policies 2013/14 enables you to benchmark your car provision policies against a range of named organisations.

In House Lawyers Survey 2014

In-House Lawyers’ Pay and Benefits Survey 2014 offers in-depth analysis of pay and benefits arrangements for lawyers in key legal job levels.

Planning for Pay in 2015

Planning for Pay in 2015 analyses the outlook for pay and benefits in 2015, in the light of a return to economic growth, a stronger labour market and predictions that inflation could return rise again.

Directors’ Pay in Smaller Companies: AIMs, Fledglings and SmallCaps

This special issue of Directors’ pay in smaller companies is dedicated to a comprehensive survey of directors’ remuneration in smaller listed companies.

Pay and Conditions in Housing and Social Care 2014/15

The Pay and Conditions in Housing and Social Care report brings you expert guidance on pay in both not-for-profit organisations and private sector companies in this fast-growing sector.

Pay and conditions in housing and social care 2014

Pay and Conditions in Call and Contact Centres 2014/15

A detailed picture of pay, benefits and working conditions for call centre staff throughout the UK. It is the only resource you need to accurately benchmark your pay arrangements and stay ahead of your competitors.

Pay and Benefits in the Public Services 2014

The IDS Pay and Benefits in the Public Services 2014 Report provides an in-depth analysis of the key issues for reward in the public services  sector following the new Government policy in 2014.

Pay in IT and Ecommerce 2014

The IDS Pay in IT and e-commerce 2014 report is an extensive benchmarking tool for employers. This report analyses current market trends, basic pay and recruitment in this specialist sector from 32 organisations.

Pay and Progression for Graduates 2014

Pay and Progression for Graduates 2014 is a vital benchmarking tool for employers involved in graduate recruitment. This report draws on responses from 100 major employers, which will enable you to benchmark how you reward and manage your graduate intake against other companies.

Pay and progression for graduates

Pay and Conditions in Retail 2015

IDS Pay and Conditions in Retail 2015 provides a detailed picture of pay and conditions in a wide range of retail and food service organisations across the UK.