Directors’ Pay Report 2014/15

Practice area: Pay and reward
ISBN: 9780414033269
Published by IDS, October 2014

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The Directors’ Pay Report provides details on basic salary, annual bonus and long-term incentive plans for Lead Executives, Finance Directors and other Executive Directors.

The report:

  • Discusses findings on the FTSE 100 and FTSE mid-250 companies by market capitalisation, revenue, employee numbers, degree of ‘internationality’ and sector
  • Analyses pay by job title for over 20 key roles, from HR Directors to Operations Directors
  • Features tables analysing basic salary, benefits, annual bonus, annual bonus as a percentage of salary, total cash, LTIPs, share option gains, all incentives as a percentage of total earnings, and total earnings
    – as well as indicative total earnings that includes maximum bonus potential and the face-value of share and option grants
  • Presents pay details of Chief Executives and Finance Directors by named company

Pay policy and practice

  • A look at what annual reports say about salary policy and analysis of the main findings.

Incentive schemes

  • The range of incentive schemes continues to grow more sophisticated. This section looks at both typical plans and new developments for annual bonuses, LTIPs and share options.

Job title analysis with pay details for over 20 separate roles including:

  • Commercial Directors
  • Company Secretaries/Legal Directors
  • Divisional CEOs/Chairmen
  • Operations Directors
  • Technical Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • Executive Chairmen
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Sales and Marketing Directors

Detailed record section

  • Pay of Lead Executives in the FTSE 350 by named company and sector
  • Pay of Finance Directors in the FTSE 350 by named company and sector

Survey details

  • Sample sizes and definitions

Covering a variety of crucial sectors

  • Construction & building materials
  • E-business, software & computer services
  • Engineering, electrical and other manufacturers
  • Finance
  • Food, drink & tobacco
  • Media, marketing & telecommunications
  • Oil, gas & minerals
  • Other services
  • Property
  • Retail & distribution
  • Transport & leisure
  • Utilities

Remuneration breakdown:
  • FTSE 100 Lead Executives
  • FTSE mid-250 Lead Executives
  • FTSE 100 Finance Directors
  • FTSE mid-250 Finance Directors
  • FTSE 100 other Directors
  • FTSE mid-250 other Directors

Remuneration by:

  • Market rank
  • Revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Sector

FTSE 350 Internationally
Remuneration by proportion of operations overseas:

  • FTSE 100 Lead Executives, Finance Directors and other Directors
  • FTSE mid-250 Lead Executives, Finance Directors and other Directors