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Pay and Conditions in Retail 2015

IDS Pay and Conditions in Retail 2015 provides a detailed picture of pay and conditions in a wide range of retail and food service organisations across the UK.

Pay and Conditions in Engineering 2015

Pay and Conditions in Engineering 2015 gives you a detailed picture on current pay, benefits arrangements and terms and conditions for a wide range of engineering staff and production workers. 

NHS Boardroom Pay Report 2014

The NHS Boardroom Pay Report is an analysis of 95% of the NHS trusts in the UK. The report covers salary, taxable benefits and total remuneration for executives. This is a vital benchmarking tool so you can maintain competitive pay rates for board directors to aid recruitment and retention.

Managers Benchmark Pay Report 2015

IDS Managers’ Benchmark Pay Report 2015 offers a real world perspective on pay decisions and trends, with in-depth analysis and explanation of salaries, pay structures, policies and incentives for managerial and professional groups.

Directors’ Pay Report 2014/15

IDS Director’s Pay Report gives you comprehensive and authoritative analysis of Executive Directors’ remuneration practice in over 330 of the FTSE 350 top companies, drawing on data from annual reports and accounts with year-end dates running over the 12-months to May 2014.

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Continuity of Employment Handbook

The IDS Employment Law Continuity of Employment Handbook explains the general principles for determining a period of ‘continuous employment’ and deals with the rules surrounding these for an employee under a contract.

About Us

IDS is an independent research organisation, providing information and analysis on employment law and pay and reward.

Executive Compensation

Part of our IDS Online service. Executive Compensation keeps you up to date with market trends and all aspects of pay practice for directors, managers and professionals.

Employment Law for HR

Part of our IDS Online service. Employment Law for HR provides a constantly updated bank of employment law case reports, forthcoming UK and EU cases and news alerts.