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Directors’ Pay in Smaller Companies: AIMs, Fledglings and SmallCaps

This special issue of Directors’ pay in smaller companies is dedicated to a comprehensive survey of directors’ remuneration in smaller listed companies.

Press Releases

The latest press releases from IDS.

Discrimination at Work Handbook

The Discrimination at Work Handbook gives a full explanation of every aspect of workplace discrimination. Dealing with the key issues across the vast scope of the Equality Act (2010).

Discrimination at work

Trade Unions Handbook

The Trade Unions Handbook provides detailed analysis and comment on both collective and also individual rights of trade union members and non-members. It covers the key developments in this area including the introduction of a number of new rights.

Trade Unions

Industrial Action Handbook

The Industrial Action Handbook provides an overview of the law governing strikes and other industrial action and sets out the legal liabilities to which unions are exposed. The handbook provides information on basic statutory immunities for unions organising industrial action.

Wages Handbook

The Wages Handbook gives a full explanation of the law relating to the payment of wages. ‘Wages’ may be identified as the return due to a worker for making his or her labour available to an employer. On this level, there could hardly be a more fundamental aspect of the employment relationship.

Unfair Dismissal Handbook

The IDS Employment Law Unfair Dismissal Handbook  covers the legal definition of “dismissal” and deals with the various exclusions from the right to claim that exist and explains the potentially fair reasons for dismissal.

Transfer of undertakings Handbook

The IDS Employment Law Transfer of undertakings Handbook discusses in detail the mechanics of transfer, including contracting out scenarios and deals with the effect of a transfer on contracts of employment, including employees’ rights to refuse to transfer.

Redundancy Handbook

The Redundancy Handbook sets out the procedures that the parties must follow and establishes the circumstances under which employers can legally make employees redundant.

Equal Pay Handbook

The Equal Pay Handbook offers a comprehensive examination of the equal pay and the concept of pay, and the concepts of ‘like work’; ‘work rated as equivalent’ and ‘work of equal value’.