Pay and Conditions in Call and Contact Centres 2014/15

Practice area: Pay and reward
ISBN: 9780414033382
Published by IDS, October 2014

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e-Book and Paperback
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IDS Pay and Conditions in Call and Contact Centres 2014/15 provides you with a detailed picture of pay, benefits and working conditions for call centre staff throughout the UK. By far the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information available for the industry, it is the only resource you need to accurately benchmark your pay arrangements and stay ahead of your competitors.

The report includes:

  • Information on 51 named organisations, employing over 23,500 staff in 103 call centres throughout the UK
  • Provides pay levels for a range of job titles, broken down by sector and region
  • Outlines bonus and commission payments
  • Gives details of unsocial hours premiums
  • Examines recruitment, retention and staff turnover issues
  • Outlines the latest trends in the industry
  • Contains a directory of pay and conditions at named organisations