Pay and Benefits in the Public Services 2014

Practice area: Pay and reward
ISBN: 9780414033368
Published by IDS, March 2014

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The IDS Pay and Benefits in the Public Services Report 2014 provides an authoritative analysis of the key issues for reward presented by Government policy in 2014 and beyond.

The report provides information for all the key public sector areas and covers:

  • The Government’s policies on pay and conditions
  • What this will mean for decision-makers and negotiators in 2013 and beyond
  • The issues raised by the plans for progression to be linked to performance
  • How we should assess the differences between private and public sector pay
  • Issues in public sector pay determination, including plans for expansion of the Review Bodies
  • Recent and forthcoming outcomes in respect of pay and progression
  • The outlook for the economy and inflation, as well as Government spending plans
  • Equal pay and low pay
  • The latest picture on pension provisions