IDS Discrimination at Work

ISBN: 9780414051683
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The Discrimination at Work Employment Law Handbook gives a full explanation of every aspect of workplace discrimination. Dealing with the key issues across the vast scope of the Equality Act (2010), the Handbook is a must-have if you’re involved in any aspect of discrimination across the employment relationship.
In one single edition, Discrimination at Work deals with all of the different strands of discrimination previously covered in the following IDS Employment Law Handbooks and Guides:

Sex Discrimination (2008)
Race and Religion Discrimination (2003)
Disability Discrimination (2010)
Age Discrimination (2006)
Sexual Orientation Discrimination (2003)

This truly comprehensive Handbook:

  • Considers both reported and unreported decisions, not only of the higher courts but also of employment tribunals
  • Explains the scope of the law – who is protected, and who may be liable
  • Sets out the circumstances in which discrimination can arise before, during and after employment

Since the Equality Act (2010) came into force, discrimination law has become a vast topic with the capacity to affect every aspect of the employment relationship. Now more than ever it is important to keep up-to-date with all aspects of discrimination. Covering the history of relevant legislation in the UK and the influence of European Law, Discrimination at Work provides a clear and comprehensive account of the law relating to discrimination in the workplace.