Company Car Policies 2013/14

Practice area: Pay and reward
ISBN: 9780414030282
Published by IDS, August 2014

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e-Book and Paperback
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IDS Company Car Policies 2013/14 enables you to benchmark your car provision policies against a range of named organisations. The report:

– Examines methods of fleet acquisition including contract hire and personal contract plans
– Covers eligibility and allocation policies, including moves towards more environmentally-friendly fleets
– Looks at cash alternatives and policies enabling individuals to trade up or down
– Explains the issues surrounding insurance and fuel allowances
– Sets out the health and safety aspects of company car provision
– Gives details of benchmark list prices, monthly lease values and annual cash allowances


Introduction and summary
An outline of buy-outs, flexibility and the cost control pressures driving company car policies, plus a summary of the main findings

Fleet acquisition and management
A summary of the main fleet acquisition methods used by employers.

Eligibility and allocation
Details of how cars are allocated, along with eligibility, choice and car users’ rights and responsibilities.

Cash allowances and flexibility
Approaches to cash alternatives and trading up and down.

Additional costs: insurance and fuel
A look at the other costs associated with the provision of company cars, including details of fuel allowances for both company and private use.

Tackling health and safety
An outline of companies’ current health and safety policies in relation to company cars.

Case studies
Case studies of company car policies from named employers covering the spectrum of practice