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IDS: IDS Continuity of Employment - Paperback. Free UK delivery on all IDS Employment Law Books!

IDS Continuity of Employment

IDS Employment Law Handbook

Practice Area:

  Employment Law



Published by:


Publication Date:

  13 November 2012




Free UK delivery

Product Description

The IDS Employment Law Handbook - Continuity of Employment offers an in-depth and comprehensive look at the rules for both employer and employee in a continuous employment relationship.
  • Explains the general principles for determining a period of ‘continuous employment’ and deals with the rules surrounding these for an employee under a contract
  • Deals with situations where there is a break in employment during which no contract exists
  • Discusses situations of continuity following a change of employer


The general framework
  • The statutory scheme
  • Agreements concerning continuity
  • Start of period of employment
  • End of period of employment
  • Computing period of employment
  • Presumption of continuity
  • Employee under a contract of employment
  • Length of qualifying periods under ERA
  • Continuity provisions not governed by ERA

Breaks in employment where there is no contract
  • Sickness or injury
  • Temporary cessation of work
  • Arrangement or custom
  • Re-employment after unfair dismissal

Non-counting weeks that do not break continuity

  • Working abroad
  • Strikes and lock-outs
  • Military service
  • Redundancy payments and re-employment

Changes of employer
  • Common law position
  • Transfer of business or undertaking
  • Statutory changes of employer
  • Death of employer
  • Partners, personal representatives and trustees
  • Associated employers
  • Local authority maintained schools
  • Transfers between health service employers
  • Local government service and redundancy
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